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INREM Initiates Study on Sanitation and Groundwater contamination in Bihar with partnership with Aga Khan Foundation.

Open Positions for Consultants in Water Quality Management programme

INREM FCRA Report for the Financial Year 2016-2017.

HR-APP/2018/002 - Position: Resource person for Stakeholder Analysis Study

Closing date: 17 July 2018

Project :
Project: INREM is coordinating a Water quality management programme in which the consultant will contribute. This programme is in joint participation with SaciWATERs and together these two organizations coordinates two networks on the fluoride and arsenic issues of water. The following consultant will contribute towards action that is already being executed in 8 districts of 6 states across India. This is a four year programme which has commenced in January 2018.

Responsibility :
1. Creating a stakeholder analysis report on all of these overall for all 8 districts, with a commentary on how relevantly the program is placed in terms of its alliances with different stakeholders
2. Observing the dynamics in place at each location, to input on how best these dynamics can be leveraged for the program
3. Creating an overall national level stakeholder analysis assessment for the network activity

You please send us one page brief note on how you would plan to go about this activity
Please send a short CV of yours on this mail id : harshbdave@gmail.com .  

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